Promoting Values in Good Design: It is our firm belief that process is as important as result. This is why we at Nadel encourage a work environment that promotes the creativity and aspirations of our people. Establishing a culture of ideas and recognizing the importance of teamwork is the best way to create the vision put forth by our clients. Good design, after all, begins with good ideas. Thus the success of a project relies on the collaboration of design leaders, the talents of team members and the clients they serve.


Always Moving Forward: Our current management team continues to build upon the legacy inspired by Mr. Nadel’s promotion of this culture. With years of experience in a variety of scopes and contexts, our team leaders encourage a forum-like exchange of ideas as part of the design phase. Constant communication between the team and the client is as important as the design itself. These guiding principles have attributed to nearly 40 years of successful architectural practice and garnering 100 awards for design  excellence.


Herbert Nadel, FAIA, CEO                                 Greg Palaski, Director
Patrick Winters, AIA, LEED AP, Director            Joan Frei, Director
Greg Lyon, Director


David Jacobson, AIA                                           Greg Serrao, AIA
Mark Mikelson, AIA                                             Greg James
Dale Yonkin, AIA                                                Jim Connelly, AIA