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Rapha - LA Clubhouse


Santa Monica, CA


Architect of Record


Rapha, makers of high-performance clothing for road cyclists, needed a destination for its core customer base: men and women who live cycling as a lifestyle, not just a sport. A flagship showroom in the heart of Santa Monica was created for the brand where Rapha’s distinctive kit is well-displayed. But it’s also a place where customers, friends, and members of the worldwide Rapha Cycling Club can lounge, sip espresso, grab a healthy meal, watch bike races, or hang out before/after a group ride. The materials used; polished concrete, raw steel, natural wood, and modern details echo the high-tech nature of the bike garb, while
also creating a friendly atmosphere. It’s a full immersion in the world of road cycling in a space that clearly earns the title Rapha Clubhouse.

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