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Delevan Drive Elementary School


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Los Angeles, CA


Complete Architectural Services


Delevan Drive Elementary School is a new 25,000 sf, 2-story, 15-classroom building with support spaces, and food services with an integrated lunch shelter. The project is on an existing 4.5-acre elementary school campus with 1.4 acres of dedicated play area, challenging topography and exiting utility impacts. The site work includes the design of a stepped seating space at an existing 5-foot transition that separates existing lower and mid-campus areas. An interconnecting covered walkway functions as a backdrop to this seating; developed as a proscenium arch that frames this transition. The covered walk also connects the existing administration/classroom building to the new building. A step in the building was also necessary due to the inherent topography. This step provides a structural seismic separation and a 'window' into the campus from the adjacent residential street that frames a historic copula on the campus's assembly building. It also breaks up the massing and softens the side of the building which is lined with single family homes. An integrated elevator tower at this location provides ADA access to the upper floor of the building and between the lower and mid campus areas. The dynamic architectural expression of this project was derived through detailed analysis and is site responsive, playful, functional and elegant in its simplicity.

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