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Paradox Museum - Las Vegas



Las Vegas, NV


Complete Architectural Services


The Paradox Museum – a 10,714 sf experiential venue is a part of the Showcase Mall expansion, which was completed in 2021 – opened to great fanfare in the city of Las Vegas, bolstering a cultural trend for immersive experiences which also includes the Las Vegas Sphere. It houses unique exhibit rooms that defy reality with over 90 interactive experiences and a gift shop for guests to enjoy with their family and friends. 

The design features are intentionally surreal while simultaneously grounded in Las Vegas’s rich culture as America’s playground. Many of the exhibits feature a theme based on an element of the Las Vegas mythos such as an Elvis Wedding Chapel, Stripper Pole, Poker Table and Slot Machines.  The mirrors, sloping floors and ceilings create illusions and opportunities for unexplainable “selfies.” Some truly boggle the mind and leave visitors thinking “how did they do that?”

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